Tailwind Nutrition Sponsors BRC

Thursday, July 12, 2018
The Back Roads Century is thrilled to announce Tailwind Nutrition as the 2018 endurance fuel sponsor! The slogan of Tailwind is “All you need, all day, really,” and those in the club who use this product already will attest that this product has worked for them on every ride ranging from a weekday afternoon roll to a century or the 112 mile leg of an Ironman. Tailwind provides a clean and great-tasting all-in-one source for essential hydration and nutrition- calories and electrolytes come from natural sources without any tongue-twisting preservatives or dyes included. A small business located in the Rockies, Tailwind has provided this essential fuel for ultramarathons and long haul bike races, which makes them a perfect fit to provide essential on-course hydration for our fun and challenging weekend in Shepherdstown. Check them out at www.tailwindnutrition.com and learn more about Tailwind will keep the wind at your back on September 16th!
Why are these Potomac Pedalers smiling?  Because Tailwind Nutrition has signed up as a key sponsor for the 2018 Back Roads Century.!
(left to right: Ed Hazelwood, Sallie Williams, Anne Hyman, and Bob Bernstein)

A Thank You to Our Sponsors!