Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Passing of Former PPTC President Paul Lentz

David T. Whitaker and Bill Smith


On June 6, 2018, Paul Lentz died in a tragic cycling accident at Legore Bridge over the Monocacy River in Frederick County, MD. Paul was participating in a Wednesday night Frederick Pedalers bicycle club ride from Utica Park. The ride approached Legore Bridge from the south which includes a steep descent and a quick turn. Fellow cyclists on the ride stated that Paul lost control, skidded and hit the west wall of the bridge, where he was thrown from his bicycle and off the bridge to his death.

Paul Lentz was a past President of the Potomac Pedalers Touring Club. Having last served in that capacity in the 1987. Paul is fondly remembered for the Olney Ale House rides which he led for a couple of decades to and from the unique community restaurant located across the iconic Olney Theatre in Montgomery County. The Olney Ale House rides were held several times a year and were a cherished tradition for PPTC members. The post ride celebration with a tasty bowl of stew at the Ale House made many a weekend for cyclists throughout the region. 

Paul was a good friend to many bicyclists in PPTC and throughout the greater region. Paul’s smile and gentle counsel on topics from how to fix a flat or a mechanical were heard by many. Most significantly, his ability to “make a long ride seem short” was unparalleled. He inspired many to ride beyond what they believed possible and grow as cyclists. He firmly believed in the community aspects of bicycling and his social rides and post-ride events were cherished by many. Paul and his wife Reena held many a Halloween and New Year’s party for fellow cyclists. These events near Mt. Airy and Walkersville are remembered fondly by many long-time club members.  Paul was also past President of the Frederick Pedalers bicycle club and produced their newsletter for many years.

There is an effort underway to place a marker at Legore Bridge to honor Paul Lentz and his love of bicycling. It is important for us to remember Paul’s life and the joy that we all shared through our mutual love of bicycling. I for one, intend to keep riding over Legore Bridge for years to come. I will though stop and honor our friend and past PPTC President who taught many of us that “cycling is a gift.” It has the potential to change lives in many good ways and thankfully there were great teachers like Paul Lentz around to show us the routes that led to happiness and teach us the proper way to fix a flat tire. These are invaluable life lessons that Paul conveyed to many of us. Thank you, My Friend. Tailwinds to you!

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