When the Weather Bites – Let’s Hike Instead of Bike!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Photo by Simon Migaj

When the Weather Bites – Let’s Hike Instead of Bike!

If you tend to ride less in the cold, snowy winter months but hate to sit idle, you probably focus on other outdoor activities such as skiing, ice skating, and hiking.  Hiking, in particular, is a great way to explore sights, enjoy nature, and get a workout with other like-minded friends when the weather makes cycling uncomfortable or unsafe.  We’d like to start a hiking option within PPTC that provides an active cross-training alternative to cycling.  After all, any non-sedentary activity will enhance your cycling ability!

Hikes will range in length from 3-6 miles and vary in route difficulty.  Easy hikes will be on groomed trails with little elevation gain.  Moderate hikes will be longer with less than 800’ elevation gain but may contain more difficult terrain such as roots, rocks, and stream crossings.  Advanced hikes will challenge hikers to navigate significant mountain elevation changes (800-1500’) in more remote settings like the Appalachian Trail.  All hikes will include topography maps of the route and surrounding area to give hikers the flexibility to shorten or lengthen routes during the hikes.  Most hikes are planned to be no more than a 90-minute drive from the beltway with options open for the occasional “out of bounds” hike.  Plan to have lunch afterward at a nearby brewery, winery, or pot luck for those very remote starts.

Hemlock Overlook Regional Park

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