W&OD Trail Bridge over Lee Highway Getting Real

Friday, November 1, 2019

by Ed Hazelwood

While completion of the new bicycle bridge for the W&OD Trail in Virginia over Lee Highway is still a long way off, the thousands of cyclists who use the W&OD trail routinely can now actually see the progress being made. A couple of weeks ago steel girder installation began. The bridge itself is expected to be completed sometime in summer 2020. Other nearby improvements a few months after that. When open it will eliminate one of the major safety hazards on the W&OD. This section of the W&OD Trail serves approximately 1,500 trail users on weekdays and over 2,000 on weekends. On weekdays, the W&OD Trail is a significant commuter route, carrying a steady flow of cyclists in both directions, tying together much of the region’s trail network. On weekends, the trail is a prime recreational resource for thousands of cyclists, runners, walkers, and more. Currently there are separate detours for pedestrians and cyclists around the construction.

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