Women's Corner - April 2018

Friday, April 6, 2018

The Importance of Being a Bike Ambassador

by Robin Sparer, Women's Ride Coordinator

This past weekend during our "get the cob webs out" ride, I saw a young lady/teen on a bike. Her seat was too low and her tires were under inflated, almost flat. I stopped and helped her raise her seat but didn't have a pump to get the tires where they needed to be. She was really struggling. It occurred to me that we need to mentor the teens as well as the ladies who are new to cycling or want to improve their skills. Stop when we can and help a cyclist out. It takes a minute or two to educate and help. Tell them their helmets on wrong, their wheels on backwards, their tire needs pumping, their seat needs to be raised. Tell them about the Club. Just the other day I was at one of our partner bike shops and a father was buying bikes for twin boys and asked about what trails do you take your road bike on? The manager, who knows me well, asked me to speak to him. It was a great opportunity to also mention our club. Proactively reaching out and helping to create positive experiences is a great way to keep our membership growing.

Below are Women Friendly (WF) regional rides/events coming up - two in April. The PPTC Women's group will have riders at these events to mentor and meet those who are interested.

Our Club is nothing without volunteers! If YOU want to lead a WF or WO ride, or help out in any way, please get in touch with me! We are a club of thousands of members and it's likely a handful (or more) will want to do the ride you want to do - we just need to find each other. With so many members it can feel overwhelming - where do you start? Just reach out and get the ball (or wheel in this case!) rolling. You'll be glad you did and we'll be a better club for it.

Have a comment or idea? Email me at pptcwomenscoordinator@gmail.com

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