Women's Corner - June 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Why a Women's Group?

by Robin Sparer, Women's Ride Coordinator

Why a Women's Group? This questions comes up every so often and its not always with a positive intent. The best example is from the month of May. This past month we have been very active leading, planning rides, and riding all over the DMV. But most importantly we've been asked to come and speak at events to women about cycling. You see, PPTC has a great reputation as a bike club and the cycling community also has learned that there is a Women's group that was put together to help mentor women to advance their cycling and teach them the in and outs of riding. Where else can you learn what to wear, what to carry in your bike bags, how to prepare for a ride, where to ride, what type of bike you may need for your type of riding, bike safety, and more..well that's what we do. 
On May 9th we joined a regional effort at area Trek Stores called the Ladies' Night Out and our group (represented by Johanna Nathanson, Elizabeth Ginexi, Deborah Turton, Brenda Ruby and yours truly) were invited to  join two others groups of of women who provided cycling workshops at the Rockville Trek Store. The attendees all thanked us saying how much they learned and would have never had the guts to ask some of the questioned we presented in the workshops. We've got a good thing going! We've been invited to offer similar workshops at other bike shops and cycling events.  
So when you wonder why a Women's Group? I say..Why not? 


Some fun things are happening on the Women's side of the club in June: 

  • Jessica Hirschhorn will be doing a day ride at 9:30 AM every other Tuesday starting May 8th out of District Hardware to Lake Artemisa on the Anacostia River Trail
  • Brenda Ruby will be doing a Wednesday evening ride at 6:30 PM every Wednesday through the end of September starting out of the Rockville Trek store
  • In July, Robin Sparer will be offering Tuesday Evening rides from the Georgia Ave. ICC Parking Lot.

Don't forget our Women Friendly (WF) regional rides/events coming. The PPTC Women's group will have riders at these events to mentor and meet those who are interested.

Our Club is nothing without volunteers! If YOU want to lead a WF or WO ride, or help out in any way, please get in touch with me! We are a club of thousands of members and it's likely a handful (or more) will want to do the ride you want to do - we just need to find each other. With so many members it can feel overwhelming - where do you start? Just reach out and get the ball (or wheel in this case!) rolling. You'll be glad you did and we'll be a better club for it.

Have a comment or idea? Email me at pptcwomenscoordinator@gmail.com

Thank You,

A Thank You to Our Sponsors!