Women's Corner - March 2018

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Get Your Bike Ready and Put These Events on Your Calendar

by Robin Sparer, Women's Ride Coordinator

The weather has teased us with a few days to try out our bikes and ourselves - to see what's working and what's not. Last month Liz Ginexi gave us some great ideas on how to keep you working and moving until you are ready to get back onto your bike. Now it's time to get your bike ready to ride! Don't wait until the last minute. NOW is the time to take your bike in and get a tune up if you haven't already, an adjustment, or even that fit you been saying that you need. NOW is the time to build a relationship with your local bike store and, especially, one of our many PPTC partners.

Speaking of one of our bike store partners, the Trek Rockville Store is Women Friendly (WF) and is offering club member's discounts and gearing up for their Ladies' Night Out on May 9 - come learn some new things and meet many PPTC women!

Other great PPTC partners offering discounts and Women Friendly (WF) and Women Only (WO) rides and workshops are District Hardware & Bike at the Wharf and The Bike Lane in Reston. With these three ships, we'll have three regional club hubs in the DMV.

We have two Women Friendly (WF)  regional rides coming up in April, so mark your calendars! The PPTC Women's group will have riders at these events to mentor and meet those who are interested.

Our Club is nothing without volunteers! If YOU want to lead a WF or WO ride, or help out in any way, please get in touch with me! We are a club of thousands of members and it's likely a handful (or more) will want to do the ride you want to do - we just need to find each other. With so many members it can feel overwhelming - where do you start? Just reach out and get the ball (or wheel in this case!) rolling. You'll be glad you did and we'll be a better club for it.

Have a comment or idea? Email me at pptcwomenscoordinator@gmail.com

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