Women's Corner - May 2018

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Promoting Our Bike Shop Partners

by Robin Sparer, Women's Ride Coordinator

May is here and we have all dusted off our bikes and started riding have you?

Remember we have many local shops that want us to start and end our rides at their locations. They support us and we support them - and they have plenty of parking, parts and supplies, and bathrooms!! 

For our DC riders, try moving your ride from the congested Georgetown area to District Hardware. In mid-Montgomery County, consider Trek-Rockville; in upper-east Montgomery County, try JRABs in Laytonsville or All American in Damascus. In Northern Virginia try the Bike Lane; they're moving their Reston location soon (stay tuned to some cools things we are doing with them in July).

Last year, the long-running Thursday night Tenley Town ride - which had started at Tenley Circle for decades - moved its start location to City Bike’s in Tenley. It has a greater success because of parking, bathrooms, and a bike shop that can help with whatever you need. All of these shops mentioned are PPTC partners and give us discounts.

Some fun things are happening on the Women's side of the club in May: 

  • Elizabeth Ginexi will be leading a weekly Thursday 5:30 PM ride out of Layhill Park to the ICC trail starting May 10th
  • Jessica Hirschhorn will be doing a day ride at 9:30 AM every other Tuesday starting May 8th out of District Hardware to Lake Artemisa on the Anacostia River Trail.

Don't forget our Women Friendly (WF) regional rides/events coming. The PPTC Women's group will have riders at these events to mentor and meet those who are interested.

Our Club is nothing without volunteers! If YOU want to lead a WF or WO ride, or help out in any way, please get in touch with me! We are a club of thousands of members and it's likely a handful (or more) will want to do the ride you want to do - we just need to find each other. With so many members it can feel overwhelming - where do you start? Just reach out and get the ball (or wheel in this case!) rolling. You'll be glad you did and we'll be a better club for it.

Have a comment or idea? Email me at pptcwomenscoordinator@gmail.com

Thank You,

A Thank You to Our Sponsors!