Women's Corner - November 2017

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Introducing the New Women's Ride Coordinator

by Deborah Turton, outgoing Women's Ride Coordinator
& Robin Sparer, New Women's Ride Coordinator

I’d like to introduce the next Women’s Group Coordinator, Robin Sparer.

I’m excited to pass the pedals of this group on to her. She’s smart, dedicated and enthusiastic. She has great plans for the group and should be a wonderful resource for the women of PPTC. I’ve enjoyed meeting and riding with so many different and diverse women. I will continue to work with the group and look forward to helping Robin. Without further ado, I’ll hand it over to Robin.
— Deborah Turton



Robin Sparer at the 2017 Great Pumpkin Ride.

Robin Sparer at the 2017 Great Pumpkin Ride.

Hi, everyone, I am the new Women's group coordinator. I will be working closely with our past coordinators (Martine Palmiter and Deborah Turton) as well as other PPTC Leaders to flesh out, to what I hope, will be an interesting and diverse ride schedule for the 2018 season.

We will be working with other Cycling Clubs and Shops that are offering Women Specific Rides and we will put these rides on the PPTC calendar.

So far we are working with 2 local bikes shops (one in DC and another in Northern Montgomery County) who are interested in offering women specific rides and supporting women and cycling. I have spoken to several of our women club ride leaders and we will be offering the full spectrum of beginner to more advance rides. We will also be offering some workshops sand making suggestions about other events where we can meet up as a group and ride together.

We've just confirmed that one of our favorite rides, The Wild Goose Chase benefitting Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge will be continuing! As some of you know, the WGC wasn't held this year so we created a bridge event called Ride the Refuge which was very successful, but we are happy The Wild Goose Chase will once again be an official event hosted by Friends of Blackwater. Potomac Pedalers will most likely host a rest stop so stay tuned for details about that event.

We are also planning to hold a Women Cycling Summit this Winter to offer a place to discuss what type of rides and workshops our women riders are looking for and hopefully get more of you involved in creating and leading rides. Please stay tuned for date and location.

I cannot lead this effort without you. Please feel free to email me with your suggestions.

— Robin Sparer



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